Since you didn’t vote for me, why don’t you kick in a buck or two?

Best Military Blog: FINAL RESULTS

Okay. So I didn’t expect to win. I didn’t even expect to finish near the top.

But 0.9% of the freaking vote? Did anyone besides my mom even vote for me? I should have not decided to not vote in the category.

All kidding aside, congratulations to the other finalists and especially to the winner: Blackfive: The Paratrooper of Love.

And since you all couldn’t be troubled to vote for me, I’m providing an opportunity for you to make it up.

Go donate to the Spirit of America “Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge”.

MO has raised $50 so far for this very worthy effort. I have yet to make my own donation, and a co-worker kicked in a few ducats for me to donate for her. So there’s more coming.

But we could use a little more yet.

First of all, if MO reaches the $100 level, I get a cool T-shirt. Since you don’t give a rip about that, how about the fact that you’ll be contributing to the success of our mission in Iraq. Many of the projects SoA supports come from direct requests by the military commanders in Iraq.

Kick in a couple of dollars. I’m not asking for you to break the bank. $2. $5. Make a difference.

The challenge ends Wednesday at midnight.

I’m Mr. Murdoc and I approve of this message.


  1. I’ll be honest about my voting strategy, in the rediculous voting process which became a chore: The first few days, I voted for MO, since I nominated you. Then I voted a few times for A Collection of Thoughts, another ‘Band of Blogheads’ member. Then, when the Blackfive needed some help to be #1, I voted for it. Then, when it was clearly going to when, I voted for whichever of my ‘Band of Blogheads’ needed the most help to stay out of the cellar. You can still be proud of being a ‘finalist’ (even though there were no semifinalists) and I suspect it will bring MO considerable increased exposure. ACE out

  2. jones: Well, thank-you very much for voting for little old me. I have no illusions about being in the same class as some of those other finalists. I was just ‘acting out’ like the little kid that I am. Like they say, it was an honor just to be on the same list as they were. And I suspect you’re right…I also don’t think my mom voted for me. She’s no big fan of the XM8. And she doesn’t wear army boots.