No time at the moment…

Took an early lunch to watch my kids play soccer. And didn’t get back until the end of my regular lunch. Ooops.

So check out the sites listed under “Links” on the left. Bound to be some good stuff.

One thing: I can’t believe I’m putting this in writing, but Elton John: Dream Ticket is pretty damn amazing. If you’re an Elton John fan (I’m not, particularly) this is probably a must-have. If you’re more of a casual fan (like me) you will still probably find it quite entertaining.

I don’t actually own the DVD set, though I’m probably going to pick it up at some point. I caught it on DirecTV’s Freeview. It’s 3.5 hours long and appears to contain around half of the concert tunes from the DVD. Playing all month on DirecTV channel 124. Worth a look, IMHO.

Now leave me alone. I’m supposed to be working.