Well, some of them, anyway

Taliban giving up

ACE notes that the winter offensive in Afghanistan has started. And some of the fighters just want to go home. So just when is the US going to fall into the “Russian Vietnam” (as ACE points out Afghanistan was called) as predicted?

Remember when everyone said we were nuts to go into Afghanistan in October after 9/11? How we’d never be able to defeat them in their mountain hideouts, especially in the winter?

Someday, if this keeps up, there might even be elections in Afghanistan.

(What? There were? When? Are you SURE? I didn’t see that on the news…)

ACE notes:

We’re told the radical Islamics in Iraq are fighting a religious war and will never give up. We’ll see about that in the months (and years if necessary) to come.

Another site (which will remain nameless) referred to the Bush Doctrine with

As if that nonsense had not been thoroughly discredited by now.

I commented

You mean like in Afghanistan? The military victory in Iraq was quick, as expected. Obviously the peace hasn’t come nearly so quickly, or as easily as hoped or expected. But you’re dismissing a twenty year plan eighteen months in.

We’ll see.


  1. You have to remember that the russians did indeed have many victories in Afghanistan with the Spetznatz units. It was the common soldier that lost focus, along with the stinger that lost the war. The heavy dependance on special forces with helicopter support allows our forces in afghanistan not to be easily targeted. If the Taliban suddenly got the stinger, I think the US would have the same problems, as how would we launch assaults into the distant and inaccesible hills. Not that they cannot do a good job even under such conditions. But considering the circumstances I think it is a very good tactical move, and hopefully will finish the Taliban and their foreign fighter friends off.

  2. Vstress: In some ways you’re right, but in others you’ve made a gross (yet publicly popular) miscalculation. There are reasons that the soviets had a much different experience in Afghanistan, and they had very little to do with the stinger missile. Number 1, the soviets employed a mostly conscripted military. Most of their soldiers are not proffessionals, and were very poorly motivated. (Get shot by my comrades, get shot by the muj, or desert, and maybe not get shot at all, or just be a malingerer, and hope I can get away with it.) Number 2, They were fighting as athiests to rule and conquer a very religious area. See fanatacism in your dictionary. The Afghan people would fight anybody that said they couldn’t worship. Number 3, they were not prepared, funded, or interested in a prolonged conflict. They thought they’d be in, take it over, and things would settle down. It’s good that Kipling wasn’t required reading for their officer corps. (Oh, that’s right, it’s not Marxist-Leninist drivel) The stinger had some tactical influence, but that was because they relied on Helicopters too much. Our guys won’t be supplying them with stingers, and our ECM is so much better now than theirs was then. Also, we are using more ground vehicles, and even horses to get there when nothing else works. We also have the support of the better part of the populace, not something the soviets EVER had. I mean, for crying out loud, they got to decide who their president was, and they haven’t even been told by the media that he chews babies heads off, and that they were all morons for voting for him! The soviets made a lot of mistakes in Iraq, and we did to during the 90’s, but it looks like things are going well for democracy and freedom there. I always thought that if I had to leave America (God Forbid) I’d go to Europe, but after all this, I’d pick Afghanistan. They at least have the idea of democracy, and the guts it takes, down.