Third Stryker Brigade is going…somewhere…next August

Brigade gets the word

Via Stryker Brigade News (which you check daily, right?):

The 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team has known about an upcoming deployment for some time, but couldn’t publicly talk about it until the Department of Defense announced Tuesday it would be one of six large units going to Iraq, said Maj. Kirk Gohlke, spokesman for soldiers in Alaska.

They will be part of the rotation that requires a force strength in Iraq of 17 brigades and three division headquarters, according to the Department of Defense.

The brigade hasn’t received its orders and so far does not know what its mission or exact destination will be, said Col. Mike Shields, who has commanded the 172nd since July. Until orders arrive, the brigade will continue its aggressive timeline of training as it transforms into the third Stryker brigade in the Army and becomes ready to deploy, he said.

The brigade has been in regular contact with the first two Stryker Brigades and is incorporating lessons learned in the field into its training program.

The article claims that the 172nd’s equipment will be shipped out at the end of certification this coming summer. The second Stryker Brigade, the 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, left its Strykers at home and took over the first Stryker Brigades vehicles when they arrived in Iraq.

ALSO: I saw an article on the Army’s official report of the Stryker’s first year in service earlier, but ACE beat me to posting on it. Go wander over and see what he had to say. I may have more MO ruminations later…


  1. Not a surprise on the performance of the stryker. The marines and other services have been using them for years. So long as they don’t try to make a tank out of what amounts to a big armoured car, they’ll do okay.

  2. er…Stryker is the precurser to the Army’s Future COmbat System, where that is pretty much what is planned. 20ish ton highly configurable wheeled and/or tracked tanks. 40ton ‘heavies'(?!) are also on the drawing board for later though. The Marines are planning something similar, but more suited to their needs.

  3. Sam: The Stryker is a modified LAV-III. I think what dingo was referring to is the fact that the Marines have been using the LAV-I very successfully for many years. (Not sure about other services, though.) Despite a lot of hype and new-fangled nav and comm gear, the Stryker isn’t all that revolutionary in and of itself.

  4. Actually (I hate to burst your bubble) the stryker is not just a made-over LAV. The drive and powertrain are different, the electronic systems are completely different, and the armor uses a more modern process to get the same resistance out of a thinner product. The stryker is also ‘semi-modular’ so that it can be adapted to more roles. The only design elements that comes straight over from the LAV series are the seating arrangement, and the over-all shape of the vehicle.