Who the hell is in charge of the Air Marshals


I’d hate for potential hijackers to not know who the Air Marshals were…

Oh, and the guy’s name is Thomas Quinn. Lots of links, news, and comments at Malkins’. Go read.

I’m too pissed to write anything meaningful.


  1. Has anyone considered whether this may be an eleborate disinformation tactic. Lets say you make 25% of the air marshalls real overt with military haircuts and formal dress code. Have them board the airplane first so people can spot them. Then everyone, including the terrorists, will start to associate that image with who an air marshall is. When they get on an airplane thats what they will look for first. And they will never notice or even look for all the other air marshalls in sweatshirts who are dressing to blend in. I would like to think that our government was that clever.

  2. Actually, ryan c, I was thinking exactly that this afternoon and was going to write about it before you stole my thunder. I really hope you’re right. From what else I’ve seen of our airline security since 9/11, I’m more than a little skeptical. So, if this is ruse, it’s helped by my ranting. If it isn’t a ruse, maybe it will get fixed because of my ranting. Therefore, I shall rant.

  3. Hate to say it, but from what I hear it’s not disinformation. Great Gugamunga, what are they thinking? They need a good enlisted soldier (rank no greater than E-7) to run these things. Then you know it’ll get done with concern for the ‘troops’, and not ‘looking professional’. Being professional in the field, and sticking out like a sore thumb to look professional are two entirely seperate things.

  4. You can get a little over excited about this. If you’re a terrorist looking for the air marshals, you’ll eliminate the children first. Then their parents. Then anyone over about 50. Then the fat chicks. Then the squirelly looking dude who look like they can’t do pushups. In the end, you’re going to focus in on 1) the 4-5 guys who look strong and fit enough to tackle someone strong and fit, and 2) the women with the sensible haircuts and the air of no-nonsense superiority. It won’t all be about dress codes.

  5. As an Air Marshal, I will tell you that this is no dis-information tactic for two reasons: 1. Tom Quinn is not sly enough to produce such a ruse. And 2. Many FAMs have been disciplined for not dressing nice enough. No Joke

  6. AIR MARSHAL DIRECTOR FLYING AMERICA INTO NEXT DISASTER By a front-line Federal Air Marshal (The author remains anonymous out of fear of retaliation) February 25, 2005 Governments like to keep secrets. This is a simple fact of life. There are things that the government says and does that they would rather not have disclosed to anyone other than those with a ‘need to know

  7. Know how to tell a Recon Marine from a Force Recon Marine? Both are very fit and well trained Marines, but while regular Recon guys have high-and-tight haircuts, the Force Recon guy is usually sporting a goatee and long hair. Force Recon allows modified grooming standards because they may need to blend in with a general population and not be recognized as military. I’ve heard other Special Forces units such as SEALS also encourage a non-military appearance at times for the same reasons. I cannot imagine anything more conspicuous than a tough looking man on a Saturday afternoon flight to Orlando in a business suit. Why not just wear a badge and gun belt or outside shoulder holster? He would not be more obvious and at least the gun would be easier to reach. This Quinn guy sounds like a real rock. I hope to is all a ruse and that the real Sky Marshals are wearing Hawaiian shirts and look like Cheech Marin but the posts up above are not encouraging.