Wasn’t there some sort of Japanese snuggle pillow for women in the news not too long ago?

Japanese ‘lap pillow’ offers solace to lonely men

lappillow.jpgCan’t look now, but I’m pretty sure there was some sort of pillow for Japanese women made up like a torso and one arm to be used like a man was snuggling up behind her with an arm wrapped around her to cuddle with in the news not too long ago.

I thought it was plain weird. Just like I think this is plain weird.

Does this equipment warrant inclusion in the ‘X-Weapons’ category?

UPDATE: Here’s the “boyfriend’s arm pillow” as featured on MSNBC.com in September.

What I find weird about this isn’t the existence of such things. I mean, come on. These are fairly innocuous as far as this type of thing goes. What I find weird is the newsworthiness of the story.


  1. It’s weird for americans for sure. But this is not quite as as the full length pillows which japanese ‘otakus’ buy/make featureing their favorite actor/character/’whatever’ …some of which are fairly lifelike.