Under the radar…WAAAAY under the radar

Critics Choice Awards Snubs Passion, Too (12/16/04 entry)

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST isn’t getting the attention it probably deserves. I imagine a sort of uncomfortable uneasiness bogs down every conversation in Hollywood when it comes up.

I’m not terribly concerned, since I don’t really care what Hollywood thinks.

But 10,000 people have signed Passion For Fairness’ petition so far. That’s maybe not earth-shaking, but it should be worth some notice.

I imagine that many MO readers do care whether this film is given equal consideration when award nominations are given out. If you do, wander over to Passion For Fairness and sign their petition.


  1. C’mon man…Passion of Christ its so overrated, its not a bad movie but has nothing incredible, its the same story we all know with more blood. Indeed, its a piece of crap next to Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and Garden State