The sky ISN’T falling? Bummer…

The armor tempest in a teapot

We all know and love Spc. Wilson of the Tennessee National Guard’s 278 RCT. He’s the one who asked Rummy about Humvee armor.

One day after he asked the question that launched a thousand news reports, EVERY SINGLE HUMVEE IN THE UNIT WAS ARMORED.

Squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?


In fact, when Spc. Wilson asked his question, 810 of the 830 vehicles in the unit had already received armor, and the last 20 had already been scheduled to received theirs the next day.

While this doesn’t excuse what MO sees as a overly-slow reaction to armor needs by the military, I’m waiting to see this breathlessly reported by all of those who jumped all over Rummy and the DoD and George Bush and anyone who foolishly supports the quagmire in Iraq.

Maybe, despite the fact that things could have maybe been better and/or quicker, there IS a plan and that plan is being implemented. Maybe.

Go read One Hand Clapping (at the link above) for a lot more good stuff on this subject.

I can’t wait to see the sensationalist stories covering the fact that Wilson’s unit was already getting exactly what he asked for long before he asked for it (at a reporter’s suggestion).

[crickets chirping]


  1. I’ll be the first to admit that there are some areas that our military needs to work on. This story just goes to show that we are doing a lot of it right. If you talk to most of the Iraqi people, they like us more than our own media does. My unit got back from Iraq in March, and the stories that are being told (yes, there are some funny ones about military efficiency, and some disdainful ones about the Iraqi police) are mostly stories about the changes in Iraq, most for the better. Does the media tell us about the soldiers that chipped in voluntarily to be school supplies for the kids in the school they drove by everyday? Does it tell you about how the kids wouldn’t leave until every kid hugged every soldier? Does it tell you about the teacher, who with tears streaming down her face, hugged every soldier, and thanked them over and over again. Does the media tell us about all of the schools that are open again, after being used for the last 10 years as weapons depots, and torture chambers? No, and they never will. They hate the military, and they don’t realize that by doing so, they’re hating the very people that hand them their first amendment rights. Sorry, I’m ranting, but the bias of most of our current media makes me sick. We need the american people to understand that the military of this country is not just about killing, and destroying. We are rebuilding that country better, than it’s ever been. We’re trying to secure that country so that no petty dictator can take over a year from now. No, it’s not easy. Ask our founding fathers how easy it was in their day. They didn’t have an example to follow, and they didn’t have a ‘helping hand’ to get them started. We are doing great things over there, and we’re doing our best to give our soldiers what they need. It takes time to rebuild a military that was neglected for 10 years. You can’t expect to ‘gear up’ and have everything everyone needs in 2 years, or even 5. It’ll happen, it just takes time.