UPDATE: US Cellular problems at Spoons

Here’s a screenshot of the google for “us cellular customer service“:

(Click for better look)

Spoons post is currently number 5. It seems to a simpleton like me that US Cellular would not be pleased with this. Especially as it’s likely to climb farther over the next couple of days.

Previously discussed on MO here.

UPDATE: Paul at Wizbang solved the problem for Spoons. No details yet.

Also, Spoons’ post is #1 for “us cellular termination fee” and #9 for simply “us cellular“. Amazingly, my own posts also show up high on both lists, as do a few posts by others that noted this issue.

UPDATE 2: I don’t know if removal of the offending entries from Google was a part of Paul’s negotiations, but they are simply GONE.

What the Hades happened?

Anti-googlebombing measures?

UPDATE 3: Okay. False alarm. Paul at Wizbang points out I must have just hit a different Google server that hadn’t updated yet. It looks right now.


  1. Actually *your* post is #1 on MSN Search (my default) for ‘us cellular termination fee’. I saved a screenshot if you care.

  2. And for good measure, I checked you for ‘xm8’ on both. Your #5 on Google, and #3 & #5 on MSN. Nice web presence!