Not enough troops. Why isn’t McCain screaming about this?

HAITI: Not Enough Peacekeepers (12/22/04 entry)

Strategy Page:

UN peacekeepers have control of most of the capital, but still have to contend with groups of armed Aristide supporters. In most of the rest of the country, it’s groups of armed former soldiers that are the major problem. The Haitian police are outnumbered and intimidated by the Aristide and former soldier gangs. The 6,000 UN peacekeepers are not sufficient to be everywhere they are needed.

Although not directly related to this issue, I think the US military needs to be increased in size by at least a couple of combat divisions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

We cut the size of military drastically in the 1990s to help reach balanced budgets and enjoy the “Peace Dividend”. Since the illusions of peace in the decade were shattered, why hasn’t the illusion of the current military being the right size also been cast aside?

For all the scare talk about the return of the military draft and criticizing Bush for not having enough troops in Iraq, has any lawmaker put forward a serious proposal to increase the size of the US military?

Remember: You go to war with the Army the Congress lets you have, not the Army you want.


  1. Torcik, in response to that complete and utter H. S. I have to say, the president proposes a budget, and congress votes on it. They do not have the ability to increase funding for the military without the president requesting it. Bill Clinton cut the army by 8 divisions. 40% of their strength at the time. We (the army) are finally up to the levels of equipment we need (and were denied) for 10 divisions. You can’t just say ‘voila’ you can increase the army to 18 divisions again, and have it happen overnight. I’m guessing it would take 5 years to come up with the recruitment, training, and equipment/logistics for another 4 divisions. And that’s without a war on. Right now, Iraq is using up much of the supplies that it would take to get those 4 divisions up and running. So, without building up an even greater deficit (you know, the one the press and Dems are screaming about) we won’t be able to do it, YET. Will we increase the size of the military? By all that’s holy, I hope so. Will it require a lot of tax dollars, and the support of BOTH parties? Yes. Will we see it anytime soon? See above.