And please, don’t call my Shirley

Surely, you jest…

I’ve been on a bit of a tear about stupid people lately. But most of those incidents (leaving a 2-year old alone for weeks while you’re in jail, leaving loaded guns unattended in the house with kids, voting against the national do not call list) have been cases of ignorance or irresponsibility. Paul Jane at All Agitprop All The Time notices this case of WILLFUL PUBLIC STUPIDITY. On BBC 4.

A volunteer will load a handgun with a bullet and hand it to [Illusionist Derren] Brown. He will put it to his head and pull the trigger – trying to avoid the live chamber.

“[Brown] will use his mind control to determine which chamber the bullet is in. He will hold the gun to his head and pull the trigger until he comes to the live chamber,” a spokeswoman said.

I had to make sure this wasn’t on Scrappleface. I mean, COME ON. First of all, where’s the entertainment value here? If I want to watch someone flirt with suicide, I’ll just watch my friends watch a Detroit Lions game.

Why is it that the “reality TV” craze has spawned such idiocy? At this point, I think that the sitcoms are closer to the real world than most of the “real” stuff on “Fear Factor,” “Survivor,” “Joe Millionaire,” Al-Jazeera News, and the California Recall debates.


  1. Derren’s show was absolutely fantastic. Does anyone you know (who isnt crazy) have the balls to put a gun to their head and pull the trigger? Btw it was on channel 4, not BBC 4. ***