Gregoire in?

Democrats: Gregoire wins by 8 votes

The Dems in the state of Washington announced that Christine Gregoire won the second recont by 8 votes. And that’s without even bothering to include the 700+ “found” ballots in King County.

As I wrote earlier, things weren’t looking good for Dino Rossi according to our spreadsheet. The sheet, which still doesn’t include the King County results as they’re not yet official, projects Gregoire to win by 83:

(Click for better look)

As you can see, if the extra ballots were included, she’s projected to win by even more.

The fact(?) that she won by 8 instead of 83 means that Dino Rossi actually did better in King County than the previous manchine re-count said.

Of course, as I noted, the Democrats will now think the re-counting needs to stop.


  1. it’s not my state or anything, but aren’t the Dems there paying for this recount? and if so isn’t their business to decide whether or not to press on? ie Repubs who care can pay fo recounting too. I am not all too familiar with the process in that state.

  2. Yah, it sunrises me to see this type of statement here, I realize this is a right leaning blog {one of the few that I read regularly) but come on. This isn’t florida where they wanted to do a recount just in the democratic counties, the dems asked and paid for a state wide manual recount of all votes. What’s left to recount? How would you make the count even more accurate? I will admit that the current 8 vote margin, and even the potential 83 or more vote margin is almost certainly within the margin of error of any vote counting process, and evidence of tampering may emerge on either side, but at this point I think the republicans will have to show that something was wrong with the vote counting process or that there were specific cases of fraud if they want to start another count. And I would not be surprised to see such allegations in the next few days. Also, isn’t it funny to see complaints that the dems ‘don’t’ want another recount…

  3. just heard on radio (npr) that the number of votes over and above for the democratic candi is now at 10. Also that the main electoral official for the state (a republican) says that all the counts for the other districts are now certified and can’t be recounted. Which just leaves this one. What else can be done given the legal amount of will in the short time the state has??

  4. Mike: I’m not sure what types of statements you’re surprised to see here. Although a solid Conservative, I’ve tried to play this issue fair and square. (I don’t live in WA…my brother who designed the spreadsheet does.) It seems to me that the whole thing is pretty much over and Gregoire is going to be in. I’m not convinced, of course, that all was on the up-and-up in King County, but I don’t think anything can be done about that. I’d think even Dems would want to straighten that mess out, as it nearly cost them this election. (Assuming they do, in fact, end up in office.) I think a court ruling of some sort without VERY solid grounds would really damage things more than it’s worth, and unless concrete proof of wrong-doing surfaces I think the only other acceptable step would be an entirely new election. (Which I don’t really support.) As for the Dems suddenly wanting to stop recounting, I point that out because a) I predicted they would do so as soon as they got a result they liked (like, DUH), and b) it’s a great example of what American elections have come to. I wasn’t trying to make it sound like the fact they wanted to stop meant they were cheating or something. OF COURSE they want to stop now. If the shoe was on the other foot, the Republicans would call for ceasing the recounts as soon as Rossi won one. It’s a bitter defeat, as Rossi won the count and the first recount. But I don’t know that, as an outsider, I really see any wrong-doing by either side above and beyond the normal wrong-doing that mars every American election. If nothing else, if Gregoire is as bad as all Republicans and many Democrats seem to think, this could be the last hurrah for Dems in Washington for some time. In close elections, cheating and error (by either side) can make a huge difference. Idiots that can’t bring themselves to mark their ballot correctly end up being the ones whose votes decide things.