Gregoire in?

Democrats: Gregoire wins by 8 votes

The Dems in the state of Washington announced that Christine Gregoire won the second recont by 8 votes. And that’s without even bothering to include the 700+ “found” ballots in King County.

As I wrote earlier, things weren’t looking good for Dino Rossi according to our spreadsheet. The sheet, which still doesn’t include the King County results as they’re not yet official, projects Gregoire to win by 83:

(Click for better look)

As you can see, if the extra ballots were included, she’s projected to win by even more.

The fact(?) that she won by 8 instead of 83 means that Dino Rossi actually did better in King County than the previous manchine re-count said.

Of course, as I noted, the Democrats will now think the re-counting needs to stop.