No kidding

UN plan for Darfur ‘not working’


The UN Security Council warned on Tuesday that it would consider a “full range of options” if the deteriorating security situation continues.

There are two existing UN resolutions threatening possible sanctions against the Sudanese authorities.

A “full range of options”. Hmm. Probably something along the lines of “Straighten up or we’ll draft a THIRD resolution that threatens possible sanctions”.

The old “three strikes and we’ll threaten to call you very close to ‘out'” strategy. Kofi’s a clever old devil, isn’t he. Don’t mess with him. He’s all over this.

“A real reassessment” needs to be carried out by the UN and the Security Council “because quite frankly our approach is not working,” said Mr Annan.

But he rejected US representative Steve Holliday’s suggestion that he make another trip to the region.

“These kinds of decisions and actions have to be decided here and taken here, and so, whilst a trip to the region may some time be necessary, the reassessment is urgent,” he said.

Decisions decided in New York? Yes. Actions taken, though? What is Kofi going to do in New York that helps one single person in the Sudan?

I am basically begging the UN to prove its critics wrong. Again. Still.

Via Instapundit.

At least all the Sudan-realted announcements out of Sudan aren’t doom and gloom: Annan: Sudan Still Free of U.S. Imperialism.


  1. If only the recent LiveAid thing had been about hiring some decent mercenaries for Darfurites as a Christmas present…