MovableType Firebird users

Blogzilla: Rich Text Editing in Movable Type

If you use Mozilla Firefox and publish your site using MoveableType, you have probably noticed that your rich text buttons (the bold, italics, and underline) are gone, as is the hand URL button. I don’t mind that the rich text stuff is gone, but that URL button sure comes in handy.

However, there is an easy fix:

  1. Follow the link above and download the edit_entry.tmpl file
  2. Rename your own edit_entry.tmpl file on your MT server to edit_entryOLD.tmpl or some such (in case you screw up or it doesn’t work)
  3. Upload the new edit_entry.tmpl to your server
  4. Continue blogging

Seriously. That’s all there’s to it.

(My ieSpell plugin doesn’t work with Firefox, so I’ll still probably continue to blog using mainly IE for the time being. Any suggestions on a Firefox-friendly spell-checker?)


  1. whatever it is, Murdoc, your site now is working better on my end (a Firefox user). Before, old blog entires were getting smaller and harder to read as time went on.

  2. Sam: Well, Firebird seems to care whether or not you close your [small] tags. IE didn’t, so I never bothered to do so when adding an update to the end of a post in a smaller font. A reader pointed it out to me, so I downloaded Mozilla to check it out. I still forget from time to time, though.