Not even a saving throw vs. “Paralyzation/Poison”?

A friend pointed out a snippet in Harper’s Weekly about the recording industry’s latest attempt to cut down on piracy. I googled and found an NYT article on the subject. It’s a role-playing game called “Starving Artist.” Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

In the role-playing activity Starving Artist, for example, groups of students are encouraged to come up with an idea for a musical act, write lyrics and design a CD cover only to be told by a volunteer teacher their work can be downloaded free. According to the lesson, the volunteer would then “ask them how they felt when they realized that their work was stolen and that they would not get anything for their efforts.”

There’s also a nifty crossword puzzle called “Surfing for Trouble.”

A blog called Logan Circle wonders

if there will also be a game in which they create music and get a major label deal, only to discover that under the terms of their contract, they’ll spend their entire career paying back their advance and never make another penny for their efforts.

I also am curious to see if a first-person shooter PC game based upon the life of that set carpenter in the commercial about movie piracy I saw at the cinema is forthcoming.

I LOVED playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as a kid. Tabletop wargames, too. This seems to be in a similar vein except stupid.