Rummy admits it?

I’m visiting family and only have access via slow dial-up (and tying up their phone line) but I feel I must weigh in on this.

Some remarks by Donald Rumsfeld in Iraq have thrown fuel onto the “the Air Force shot down Flight 93” theories. Check out these two posts at Wizbang for more.

As I’ve written before, I WISH that we had shot down that plane. Sure, the passengers-rising-up story is a good one and demonstrates that Americans are capable of defending themselves when they know what’s at stake, but I’d feel better if I knew that the military was capable of bringing that plane down. I’ve written about this before, but I don’t have time to search and link right now.

A “blame Bush” sub-theory goes that the passengers took control of the plane, a small aircraft pilot onboard took the controls, and THEN the Air Force shot the plane down. This is why there’s a big cover-up.

Forget for the moment that this is Pile On Rummy Month and that a reading of the actual Rummy quote makes it perfectly clear that he’s referring to terrorists, not the military.

If that sub-theory is true, but the Air Force was unaware that the plane was under friendly control, shooting it down was the RIGHT THING TO DO. Maybe the communications were down. Maybe the military commanders didn’t get the message. Maybe the fighter pilot didn’t get the order to stand down.

Doesn’t matter. No matter how tragic it might be, shooting that plane down at that time was the correct move.

I’m not buying it, but if more info comes to light that proves it to be the case, it will take a mountain of proof of wrong-doing before I’ll agree that we shouldn’t have shot it down.

More later.


  1. Wasn’t the wreckage of Flight 93 located in a small, relatively compacted area? Wouldn’t this fact alone provide conclusive evidence that #93 wasn’t exploded in the sky by an AF projectile which would have caused thousands of pieces of debris to be strewn all over a large dispersement area?

  2. We probably could have shot it down and those where my thoughts exactly on the situation..for the sake of national security. Who knows where the plane was headed. I feel that I am glad we didn’t though, and unless we can confirm otherwise I think that it did just crash in a field. I will never forget the sacrafice of the brave men and women on flight 93.

  3. Balanced But Fair: That’s also what I’ve usually heard, though some of the conspiracy theorists claim otherwise.

  4. For what it’s worth, I agree 100% with Tonja’s comment. For quite a while I held out hope that we had shot it down. And if it turns out that we did I will probably (depending upon the exact circumstances) be glad. But I’ve accepted that the plane was crashed by the hijackers after the passengers threatened to regain control. And I’m perfectly happy with that scenario. Whatever happened, it seems clear that the passengers did revolt. They did their best in a no-win situation, and they deserve our respect for their heroic actions.

  5. The transcripts from the cockpit voice recorder indicate that the terrorists dove the aircraft into the ground. Let’s remember and move on.