General Dynamics teams up with H&K on the XM8

General Dynamics takes a shot at an M16 replacement

Despite the headline, GD isn’t going it alone. GD is forming a joint venture with Heckler & Koch. The partnership was formed with H&K through General Dynamics’ European Land Combat Systems unit. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Not being a businessman, I’m not really sure what this changes. Does anyone think this might have something to do with the Sources Sought Notice issued in November?

I imagine we’ll learn more of this as time goes by.

Also, a little birdie tells me that the XM8 has been tested recently with the 6.8 SPC. I don’t know if this is simply normal experimenting or something more serious. I’ll let you all know if I find out anything more.


  1. sounds like the article is getting some facts wrong (ie xm8= ‘heavy-duty machine gun’ and ‘smallest version is 9 inches long’) While GD has some cool technolgies, but I am not sure what they can add too it, the article mentiones nada.

  2. I think this is just for those ‘buy American’ people in congress, building a factory wasnt good enough (?). Would like to hear more about the 6.8 trials….

  3. FWIW: The XM8’s weight keeps creeping higher and higher. The latest HK handout shows that the standard carbine is now up to ~7.5 lbs. (This has inched up from 6.2 to 6.4 to 7 lbs, depending upon the date of brochure.) They are going to be hard pressed to make the 5.7 lbs objective at this rate. In addition, the DMR version is overweight and too long by ARDEC’s 5.56mm Modular Weapon System specs.