And Another Thing!

Harping on a bit about Hollywood reminded me of this. It’s something that’s irritated me for close to a year now. I used to belong to the Stage & Screen Book Club. (Before I took the blogosphere by storm I spent a period as a struggling screenwriter.) But the club went out of business last spring.

I wasn’t too surprised by the folding, since a too large portion of their material seemed to be gay and lesbian stuff, and books and videos on other “alternative” subjects, and not so much about the stage or screen.

Anyway, instead of mailing back those post cards saying “No, please don’t send me the stupid book you’ve chosen as your Selection of the Month”, I would decline the selection online. Going to the page since the collapse brings up this:

(Click for bigger image)

First of all, WHO WOULD YOU DO is a real book by Susan Segrest. Second of all, you get free shipping at B&N if you spend $25. And they’re still in business. Third, here’s the publisher’s note on B&N:

The premise is deliciously simple: Author Susan Segrest puts forward a celebrity sexual scenario, and the reader (or group of readers) has to choose who to ravish. The result is a wildly addictive fantasy, perfect for bachelorette parties, evenings out with friends, or a day at the beach.
The range of choices is mind—and gender—bending, spanning all walks of life. Who would you do? The Pope or the Dalai Lama? Would you rather have a day at a nude beach with Ben Affleck or a night in the dark with Matt Damon? Who would you rather see perform at your local strip club—Rue McClanahan, Betty White, or Bea Arthur?

That. Just. Isn’t. Right.

I like the blurbs in the book club advert better. Especially blurb one.


  1. Toejam: You’re right. That’s the best one of the bunch. I wonder if the webmaster was bent about getting laid off or something. It’s just weird. And I don’t know why no one has done anything about it for so long. It’s been there since March or Arpil, at least.

  2. What utter crap! The media push for deviancy and alternative lifestyle imagery and propaganda is truly boggling. Guess I’ll avoid this online service like the plague it is.