Recruiting video

Stryker Attack Used on Terrorist Recruiting Video

Strategy Page has a post with a video of what appears to be an IED attack on a Stryker as part of a recruiting video. It’s small and rough.

We have edited out the sciences where they display their trophies of the attack; helmets and body parts.

As far as I have been able to tell, no IED attack against a Stryker has resulted in serious casualties, so the edited segment must be from a different incident.

Also, the Stryker, though smoking, seems to keep moving after the blast. It’s hard to tell, since the camera shakes so badly, but it’s entirely possible that the Stryker didn’t even stop after the attack. There are many reported cases of Strykers driving on after IED hits.

Check out the video here if interested. Not much to see.


  1. Hmm, I seem to have trouble playing your video. Anyway I have seen plenty of these, as I have scoured the internet for a long time and many anti-american people seem to have these videos and promote them. If only they knew that they are promoting the power of the USA, because as of yet I have not yet seen a video that shows a really succesful attack. As murdoc commented for this video, it is nearly always that the vehicle keeps on moving. The people who post these videos in an anti-american manner never show what happened after either. They are either too scared of near-instant retribution and ran away from the scene, but if they had destroyed the vehicle then they would not be! So I must say that apart from the fanatics, these terrorists, or whoever they are, are completely scared and are lashing out in a wholly unsuccesful campaign.

  2. Yes, it appears that the vehicle continues moving after the explosion as it was just before. Also, the explosion seemed to be mostly some kind of burning fuel rather than high explosives. The big, orange fireball is typical of a fuel explosion, and the slow speed it moves at makes it obvious that there was little high explosive present at all. Ever seen a military bomb explode? The shockfront moves at several times the speed of sound, with the appearance of mist. If that was a real bomb the vehicle would have been blown onto its side with the power of the shockwave.

  3. I would like to comment on the stryker. i have not seen the video above but have seen first hand with my own eyes what REALLY happens. First i would like to say that it is a very good vehicle. as for the bombs the bad guys are getting smarter. i lost a friend who was in a stryker when they hit a roadbomb. i can not be specific on what happened but he was fatally wounded. the insurgents videorecord everything they do. but we are doing our damage to them. thanks