Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse

“Core Group” To Disband, U.N. Taking Over Tsunami Relief

Shouldn’t there be some sort of warning system in place to alert people to this sort of approaching disaster before it’s too late?

Seriously, though, I really do hope the UN can manage things well. Not only for the victims of the tsunami, but to help get the troubled organization back on the right track. We’ll see.


  1. Wow , the next really hot place to make UN porno / snuff home videos. I say ‘ don’t just leave the UN, disband them and prosecute the loosers among them’.

  2. For the record, MO’s official position is not ‘Get the US out the UN’ or ‘Abolish the UN’. For all my lack of patience with the organization, I do believe that it has the potential to fulfill its potential and I’m willing to keep trying. I’m just not willing to let it get in the way since its not currently interested in helping with too much.

  3. Just kick them out of America and tell them to leave us alone. Without us they’re toothless old lions with no claws. It’ll be over soon enough.