Don’t be a Hoover

U.S. payrolls rose modestly in Dec.

Here is the short version:

So all the claims about GW being the first president to lose jobs since Herbert Hoover are ultimately proven to be (GASP) campaign sound bites.

I realize that there’s some debate over which employment statistic is the most meaningful. That’s why I provided both biggies plus the seasonally adjusted CES.

Check out Paul at Wizbang for more. (One thing. Paul links to a report that shows even the seasonaly adjusted numbers show a net increase. But the numbers on the “Most Requested Statistics” page at BLS don’t match. What’s up?)

Statistics pulled straight from (CES and CPS).

UPDATE: Okay. My give up.

Why don’t the numbers in the “Most Requested Statistics” tables match those in the archived Employment Situation news releases? It’s not preliminary numbers later revised. I’m looking at the March 2001 news release for January numbers, meaning that the two months of preliminary totals have been revised and finalized.

January numbers in the March 2001 report do not match January numbers on the tables (first report on the list, seasonally adjusted). Why not?



Does anyone have an answer for a wannabee like me?