This can’t be true, can it?

Donald Sensing points out a Diplomad post which concludes with:

By the way, as we wrap up day sixteen, the UN still has not begun saving people in the corner of the tsunami-blasted Far Abroad. The UN has distributed ZERO on the ground — an absolutely disgraceful performance. [emphasis mine]

Now, Diplomad is manned by career US Foreign Service officers, and one of the writers is apparently on the ground in the region. Their articles have been pretty anti-UN so far.

If the UN is helping, it should be amazingly easy to prove.

Send me links, please. I am the most pro-UN Conservative that I know. Give me some ammo to use against the “Get the US out of the UN” crowd. This should be far easier to prove than proving that the US military is helping, for instance.

I refuse to believe that they’ve done NOTHING. If you tell me that they’ve provided $100 worth of aid for only $2 million in expenses, I’ll believe you and thank you for proving that they’ve helped. If all Kofi Annan has done so far is forego one day of lift tickets at Jackson Hole to coordinate the massive UN effort, that’s got to be worth something.

Bring it on.

UPDATE: Okay, okay. I didn’t mean for this to be another “bash the UN” post. I’m really, truly looking for stories about how the UN is providing practical, tangible aid to those in need of it in the tsunami region.

I, too, have tons of good anti-UN sentiment. But I can’t really believe that they haven’t done ANYTHING. I’m looking for proof. Shouldn’t be too hard.

After all, a common response to “Why hasn’t the UN fixed Korea?” or “What has the UN done about Iranian nukes?” is “The UN can’t fix that sort of stuff, but look at all the humanitarian missions the UN runs.” Although I disagree that the UN shouldn’t be fixing Korea or addressing Iranian nukes, I’m convinced that the humanitarian aid argument holds water. I’m simply looking for proof.

That’s what I wanted “brought on”, not more bashing.

UPDATE 2: Hell in a Handbasket’s James Rummel comments at Chicagoboyz, and gets a reply. A UN link to a UN .pdf summarizing aid. It looks impressive, but does anyone outside the UN have any info on any of this aid? Where are the pictures? Surely $717 million of donations (not just pledges, actual donations) must look like something.

As for what US aid looks like, I’m working on something special. Check back soon.

UPDATE: I found this on MSNBC:

(Click for closer look)

But that’s all I’ve found. Is it possible that the media is so focused on showing the US help out that they’re ignoring United Nations efforts?


  1. It doesn’t take too much to read between the line where the Chief Diplomad was temporary stationed when the Boxing Day Tsunami hit (Sri Lanka). The performance of UN meet my exacting expectation of them (zero). I will always assume that any money that goes into any UN effort will first have to be filtered through UN bureaucrats’s personal bank account first, that way any actual money that ended up going to their stated purpose will be a pleasant surprise.

  2. A large part of the UN’s problems (yes these are unsupported sweeping generalizations)is they have little meaningful supervision by ethical people. Whether by third world or first; many of these folks (at least the ones at the top) have either brought their national cultural norms with them, or realize there are no real supervisory monitoring & enforcement to make them adhere to appropriate professional or ethical standards. Therefore the only ones who are behaving themselves (e.g. not helping themselves to whatever,whenever) are the ones with enough internal control to avoid that kind of behavior.

  3. The UN (and so many other charities and assorted NGO’s) have been able to get away with this for so long (literally decades) because nobody ever went and asked the people who should have been receiving the aid whether it ever got there, or whether it was any use when it did arrive. The MSM, bless them, racked up a big fat zero in this area. Chalk one more abject failure up to them. Only the arrival of accountability through blogging is beginning to shine a light on this ghastly tale.

  4. The facts, btw, have been available for a long time. See for example ‘Lords of Poverty’ by Graham Hancock (published by the Atlantic Monthly Press in 1989).

  5. If you want to help, give to MCC. That’s the Mennonite Central Committee. One of the most efficient aid and relief organizations known to man. Less than 1% of donations go to admin/housing/comfort for workers. They’re sending teams now, and have already given 2.5 million. They can use our help, and they’ve got people in place to help.