A few Friday quickies

As is typically the case on Fridays, I’m a little busy today. But here are a few quick hits:

Signs of learning on the Potomac
Phil Carter notes a plan to get better analysis of exactly what’s going on in Iraq and to increase American presence among Iraq military units.

DefenseTech on the ongoing National Missile Defense problems. Remember, MO fully supports the effort. I just wish it worked.

All Agitprop notes that Madonna (Ethel? Esther? Esmerelda? Whatever…) is still an idiot. Apparently the Holocaust occurred because the Jews didn’t follow the teachings of Kaballah or some such rubbish.

Get a Mac for Less
The Mac mini. I’m seriously tempted.

Insurgents Winning in Israel
James Joyner wonders when the Israelis are going to realize that they cannot fight a noun. Give up, already.

Howard Dean’s Shrill Shill
Patrick Hynes on Howard Dean and Kos. Has anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

Tsunami: United Nations Bogus Aid?
Chuck Simmins noting that some of the aid listed by the United Nations is, um, not really aid. But it can’t all be bogus. I found a picture of a whole bag of something being distributed just the other day.

What did China threaten North Korea with? Pyongyang now says it’s willing to treat U.S. as a ‘friend’
Frank Warner notes a change in tone from North Korea after a meeting with Chinese officials. But I thought that multi-lateral talks and/or involving other nations in the “diplomacy” with DPRK was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Here’s Your Chance to Take Back The News
Everyday people involved in news. Without blogs. Follow the link to Blogs of War for more.

This whole “integrity kick”
Opinion8 weighs in on the “pay to write” issue. I’d like to note that NO ONE has paid me to write anything, but I can be reached via the email address in the left sidebar.

Calif. schoolers told stripping can be lucrative
Very nice. The teacher said that every additional 2 inches of bust size meant a salary increase of $50,000. That’s like algeBRA or something, right?

Bush regrets language that hurt diplomacy
Of all the things he could be apologizing for, he regrets saying “bring ’em on” and that we’d get Osama bin Laden “dead or alive”. Why doesn’t he apologize for something that he shouldn’t have said, instead.