Ummmm, should I?

The only problem isn’t the virus and spyware writers. We have basically asked to be victimized electronically.

I imagine that nearly everyone who reads this site would NOT click ‘Yes’ to continue installation:

But, sadly, many people would. And do.

They’ll say “Oh, I REALLY want to look at the net’s best collection of Lord of the Rings maps, so I’ll click ‘Yes’. This is gonna be cool!”

Which makes it worthwhile for the virus and spyware writers to continue their hobby/business.

Then the poor guy will wonder why Windows slogs around so badly while he tries to find the LOTR maps. “Bill Gates is such an idiot,” he’ll say. “I should probably get a Mac mini.”


  1. 1) Is ‘SP2’ even a word at all? 2) This was encountered while surfing using a 400 MHz Pentium II running Windows ME. 3) Where can I find out how to align the heads on a Commodore 64’s floppy drive?