What’s up with the XM8 all of a sudden?

I’m suddenly getting tons of search engine hits on XM8. Was it on Mail Call again or the news or something?


  1. Gene: Nah. The number of people coming into my site just spiked up suddenly, and I happened to look shortly after it happened. Looking in my logs I can see that most of the people were coming here after searching Google or MSN Search for ‘XM8’, so I’m wondering if it was on TV or something that suddenly made a bunch of people want to learn more. Instead of getting special info, I’m hoping to find out what info people got that suddenly set them all off.

  2. There’s a simple explanation for the upsurge in interest in the XM8……..with the deepening of winter in our northern states (as anyone from MI should know, Murdoc) there has been a ‘Plague of Penguins’. Many of us need a new state of the art rifle to efficiently deal with these rapacious pests who are fouling our frozen ponds and pools, and terrorizing our kids while they’re waiting for the school bus. OK…….maybe it wasn’t penguins that caused the upsurge in XM8 interest……..but, it was a good theory! LOL!

  3. On Mail Call yesterday there was a mention of the XM8 with a military display. The table had about 6 XM8’s in various configs.

  4. The interest in the xm-8 could have been started by the short story that you had where you implied that ‘a little bird’ might give you more information later. I searched (jealously) all night on the net for info. and could find none. R

  5. Rich: Well, the ‘little bird’ I referred to at that time hasn’t got back to me, which is a bummer. I specified that I wanted only ‘non-classified, postable’ info, though, and this bird claimed to know another bird that might have had higher-paygrade stuff than I could print. So, sadly, no additional goodies so far. And when I meant ‘all of a sudden’ I really meant it. I didn’t mean lately. I didn’t mean this week. I meant yesterday at about 2:00 ET. XM8 searches are always a fair chunk of my traffic, but it took off for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. That happens from time to time, and it usually indicates that the XM8 made the news or something and regular (i.e., non-‘gun nut’) types are looking for more info. I can also tell when another hostage has been beheaded in Iraq because I get all sorts of traffic to my Nick Berg posts. That’s pretty saddening when it happens.

  6. Things seem to be pretty quiet on the XM* fronty. I google for new news almost every day, and haven’t seen anything in quite a while now. As I recall (without going back to check the ACE post in which it was mentioned), a go/no go decision was scheduled to be made sometime this quarter. BTW, I’m using Firefox to view MO, and I’m having to type this reply half blind, as the pop-up window only displays about half the reply box. So, if there are typos, that’s why. Maybe it’s just me.

  7. Well, alot of people might have caught a movie at about 12 or so, and seen the XM8 during the XXX2 trailer (I went to see Elektra at 12 CT and got out around 2 CT and thats where I caught the trailer) maybe thats your answer right there.

  8. I’m not so sure either, but the extendable and folding stock (which is clearly visible on the pic) for G-36s’ is only available on the KV (IIRC).

  9. It might be because General Dynamics announced, on the 3rd, it had formed a joint venture with H&K to build the XM8 in the US. See Friday’s post (21JAN05) at A-C-E.

  10. Its because of Air Soft There is a new Kit that lets you convert your g36 into an XM8

  11. Hi, my name is PFC Lyon, I’m with the 3rd ID, currently deployed to Iraq. I was on guard duty the other day and my battle buddy was telling me about a handgun variation of the XM8, called the XM9. I’ve searched the web looking for it, but so far, have had no luck. If anyone out there has any info or pictures of such a weapon, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you…

  12. 1.The m-16 will NOT be truly replaced for like 10 yrs. 2.The xm-29 would replace the m-16 not the xm-8 3.xm-8 are going to pretty much replace everything but not do it as well 4.the xm-8 was in popsci/popmec 5.another reason for the increase in popularity is because it satisfies everyone meaning that sum1 who is obsessed with A.R.s would like it or machine pistols or sniper rifles etc.

  13. I Think that the XM8 or M8 will replace the M16 and/or the M4 but when it comes to the SAW M249 and the M40A3 nothing can replace those. Even though there is a heavy barrel automatic XM8 and a long barrel ‘sniper’ variant of the XM8 they still cant replace the typical sniper rifles and automatic rifles. I personally think that the M8 will do good in the battle field because of its light weight and compact body, but it should ONLY be an infantry rifle nothing more, no sniper or support rifle. Now then, when it comes to caring around a grenade launcher, i HATE the launcher that attaches to the M8. I think that the M203 will still be used because its so reliable. Just because the M8 is used in XXX2 doenst mean it will be used though. Supposedly the M8 will be issued this summer of 05. Well gooday mates.

  14. Lyon your Friend was pulling your leg. the only ‘hand gun’ version of the is part of some weird RPG or Video game. The Army is looking to use a Off the shelf pistol to replace the M9. as for why it is out of the news well after Colt raised some noise It was put in competition. Who knows how that will goe.

  15. I think its because of ghost recon 2 summit strike .. wich adopts the M8 as their primairy weapon.And just because its such a cool weapon. Atleast that is what brought me to this site.