Report: World can end poverty by 2025

Every time I try to stand up for the UN at all, they muck up some disaster relief effort or publish a report like this.

UPDATE: Scrappleface summarizes the UN plan:

“This research shows that the root cause of poverty is the absence of money,” said Mr. Annan. “Our experts tell us that if we give enough cash to poor people, then they become middle-income people. Naturally, the cash we give them should come from countries that now have too much cash.”

Mr. Annan immediately proposed a plan to distribute cash to poor people, with the United Nations serving as middleman and retaining “only the usual processing fee of no more than 65 percent.”


  1. Do we need to go over this again Murdoc? If we give the U.N. twice the aid money, they’ll just be twice as corrupt. I say move the U.N. to Paris or Geneva (that’s for you Murdoc) and turn the building into a homeless shelter. Maybe an indoor paintball emporium, something with a purpose.

  2. Yeah, Chad. That’s what I was getting at. I’ve just spent the past week arguing moderation when bashing the UN, then something like this comes out.

  3. Yeah, right. We give more so they can sit around and do nothing. If 10% of those people would just do something, that would end world poverty.We should stop giving all together. If you lived somewhere where there was no work, no food, no water. What would you do?