Ohio? What about Wisconsin?

The Silence Of The Cheese

Captains Quarters notes some irregularities in Wisconsin. I don’t think his point so much is “See? The Democrats cheated!” as it is “Why isn’t this getting equal treatment?”

He’s got the numbers which show what might be considered unusually-high same-day registrations:

According to state records, 83,000 people executed a same-day registration for Milwaukee County, which is more than 20% of all voting-age residents in the county. Now, Wisconsinites may procrastinate a bit, but in order to believe that number, you’d have to expect that 20% of the county had moved or became newly eligible within the past two years (after the previous national cycle). Not only that, but the state now reports that 10,000 of those registrations cannot be verified, a whopping 12% of all same-day registrations and almost the entire margin of victory for Kerry for the entire state.

This reminds me of something I’ve brought up in conversation a few times. On October 28th, Bruce Springsteen performed for a huge crowd (some say 80,000) at a Kerry rally in Madison, Wisconsin. Then Kerry spoke for a while, attempting to pump up the crowd even more, and afterward voters were led to the polls, where they could register on the spot and vote early.

Nothing wrong with that, of course. As long as everyone who voted that day was eligible to do so and didn’t, um, vote more than once.

To make sure that the event went well for the media coverage it was sure to draw, Illinois for Kerry alerted it’s Chicagoland members to the event and organized a caravan to the event. Not exactly sure what Illinois folks have to do with a rally in Madison, but at least none of them took advantage of the opportunity to cheat the system at the polls.

The requirements to register don’t appear particularly stringent, but that’s not terribly unusual.

I’m a subscriber to the theory that the Bush people called the Kerry people and told them that if a fuss was made over Ohio, fusses would be made over Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

(Also, the WaPo article notes that Kerry claims the first concert he took his daughters to was the “Born to Run” tour. This Chicago Tribume article says Kerry claimed it was the “Born in the USA” tour. Since the girls were born in 1973 and 1976, I’m thinking it must have been the “Born in the USA” tour in the mid-1980s, not the “Born to Run” tour in the mid-1970s. I wonder if that was a Kerry misspeak or a jounalist’s error?)

No claims of wrong-doing here. Just something I like to mention when the claims come from the other side. (via Instapundit)

UPDATE: Captain Ed takes a closer look at some of the demographics here, as well.

UPDATE 2: Michelle Malkin covers this, as well.