A couple of new blogads

I don’t normally point out the blogads on my site. I figure if you’re interested you’ll check them out yourself.

However, one of the new ads, the one for TerrorSafe, features a guy that looks suspiciously like Robert of Backroad Blog. Backroad Blog has been fairly quiet, lately. Maybe that’s because Robert is too busy modeling.

Anyway, keep an eye on the Blogads strip for something that may interest you, and I’ll keep hoping to see a bit more of Robert’s writing soon.

UPDATE: Actually, now that I look a little more closely, that guy in the TerrorSafe ad is using MILES equipment. Definitely not Robert. That’s only going to work if the tangos are also wearing MILES gear and playing by the rules.

“Hey! You! You’re beeping! Sit down until the battle’s over!”


  1. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Not only have I not been blogging much lately, I haven’t had the time to read any blogs. Hence, I didn’t find this until now. It is definitely not me. The grey gas mask just wouldn’t match my eyes!