That thing still flies?

From yesterday’s Frontline Photos:


The caption reads:

A soldier looks over a U.S. helicopter that was forced down after taking fire during an engagement in Mosul, Iraq, on Saturday. The crew was not injured and the downed helicopter was later flown from the scene.



  1. Um, seems more likely that ‘flown from the scene’ really means ‘carried from the scene suspended under another helicopter.’ The caption doesn’t say that this was the helicopter doing the lifting, only that this helicopter left the scene by air. But hey, who knows…

  2. I thought of that, Chuck, and almost made a comment to that effect in the post. But when a truck or Stryker is damaged, but was ‘driven away’ afterward, they don’t generally mean ‘carried away on a flatbed’. Could be the case here, of course. But I guess I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt unless more info comes to light.

  3. I’m guessing it flew away under it’s own power. Probably not very fast, but the birds are tough these days.

  4. Its not a complete picture, but the damage looks to be mostly down low so its possible that the power plant and rotor were undamanged. Heck somthing as simple as seat on fire can force you down so you can put it out.