Equal rights for women

Women’s magazine offers tips to terrorists (free registration required)

Washington Times Insider:

With its bizarre format including articles on “breathing gymnastics to conquer the passions,” evidently essential knowledge for those tempted to have a final fling before strapping on an explosive-laden corset, Al Khansa could indicate that al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden has made a strategic choice in favor of “women’s emancipation through martyrdom,” according to the [Italian spy service] Gnosis report.


An aspiring female martyr, or “mujaheda,” must learn the Koran by heart, have basic first aid training [and] be able to prepare an emergency kit “in which natural honey and water from the Zemzem spring at Mecca are indispensable since they flow directly from Paradise,” Al Khansa advised.

A female militant must also “be content with what is strictly necessary, sending televisions and air conditioners to be burned.”

Ummm…why would they need to know first aid?

Via Patton, who also points out a rather humorous Tim Blair article on the subject.


  1. LOL ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR COMMENT!!!!!! (if she doesnt have an air conditioner in her house in such a hot country, I dont think she needs to worry much about abstinance, at least not when she comes to the western world anyway)