He’s still counting so we don’t have to

Tsunami: The Latest Stingy List Update

Chuck Simmins continues his excellent work tracking down donations for tsunami relief from Americans. The total so far?


(That’s 3,928,079,827 kroners.)

The Hollywood connection remains silent. The NBC concert had a disappointing viewership, and I cannot find the results anywhere at this time. It may be that folks were just given out at that point, or that the people involved in the concert were irrelevant to the majority of America. I tried to watch but found it painfully unwatchable. No entertainment value for me.

I do hope that NBC or the American Red Cross releases some totals from the concert. I’d hate to think that it really was irrelevant.

I’ve been wondering why no figures from the concert. It never occurred to me that maybe the totals weren’t terribly impressive. But it would make sense. Let’s hope that it’s not the case.

Meanwhile, back on the loon farm.