Drudge-like note from Instapundit

Last night from Glenn Reynolds:

MESSAGE FROM MY SECRETARY, currently serving in Iraq: “I hear Damascus is nice in the Spring!” More details later.

While not (at this time) actively advocating invasion of Syria, I’d suggest a huge troop build-up along the Iraq-Syria border following the election. Last fall would have been a better time, but better late than never, I guess. We threaten the Hades out of them. Act responsibly or else.

If they don’t, BANG! Marines from the Med enter from the west while all eyes are on the Army in the east. Or, if they think of that, BANG! the Army enters from the west. Or, air power from nearby airfields does the heavy lifting . Or special forces infiltrate with the locals who pass back and forth. Or we simply imply that we will do one or more of the above if we’re not happy.

Those are called “OPTIONS”, and they’ve increased greatly in number since, say, March of 2003 for various geographic and governmental reasons.

(I’m skeptical that Reynolds’ secretary has any earth-shaking news. I’m skeptical that we’re going into Syria this spring. Blah. Blah. Blah.)