Norway thinks we’re stingy AND satanic

Bush salute a Satan sign? Norwegians think so


Fortunately, the Karl Rove spin machine was able to fabricate some semi-credible excuse about the Texas Longhorns or something.

UPDATE: Weird. Michelle Malkin points out that Wonkette has a post on this, as well. It consists of another pic of Jenna Bush giving the “hook-um horns” (which, not being from Texas or a fan of Texas football, I always thought were sorta dumb) and this:

She went to University of Texas, whatever. You don’t have to be in Skull and Bones to drink Jew baby blood. . .

Nice. Don’t you love America? In a lot of places Wonkette, her family, and several of her friends would already be cold after getting “vanished” for writing such a thing about the leader’s daughter.


  1. wow I never suspected Texans were Heavy metal fans! 😉 I am into Man O’War myself. serisously, I think this is also used in sign language for something; and in spain this is not something one does to another married man, as it means you claim to have slept his wife.

  2. Isn’t it sign language for love? Elvis used it. Speaking of dumb footbal stuff, the worst is the stupid a$$ ‘gator-chomp’ the coke heads at Uof F do. What a bunch of dorks. I always liked ‘hook ’em horns’

  3. This just really pisses me off! We asked her to join our Satanic Cult several months ago, and got blown off with some lame story about her being too busy campaigning for her Dad’s reelection to take on any further time commitments. Now it turns out she’s been sacrificing with another coven all along! The tramp!