Instapundit on Novak/Palme

Instapundit has been keeping up with this. He notes that the recent witch-hunting associated with this story

only serves to make this matter look more political, and less serious, than it perhaps is. More and more, these guys remind me of the anti-Clinton fanatics of the 1990s. Which doesn’t necessarily make them wrong, any more than the anti-Clinton fanatics were always wrong. It just makes them a lot less persuasive.

I was first introduced to this story quite a while ago by a friend of mine. I’ll have to dig up the e-mail and see when he sent it and what we said.

But Reynolds is right. This is potentially very serious, but right now it’s just a lot of people shooting from the hip. By definition, secrets are, um, secret. I’ve got no beef with a thorough look into this issue. I just think if everyone would calm down a bit with the wild accusations (on both sides) maybe the American public will still care by the time some real information is available.