Comments window

I’m slowly but surely working to update the site a little. Various little changes and fixes will occur over the next few weeks. Or months.

I may never officially declare the site ‘operational‘, though.

The latest fix concerns the ‘Remeber personal info’ setting in the comments window: It now works.

It had to do with the fact that my .net domain was registered elsewhere and the comments window was tied to the .com domain. I’ve transferred my .net domain from 1&1 (without a hitch, despite what some folks have experienced) to Verve Hosting (which I heartily recommend to MT bloggers) and finally fixed my comment setting.

Thanks for your patience. The ‘remember’ setting worked in the archive pages but not in the little window. Now you can comment away even more.

Any suggestions for changes or improvements? (I’m talking technical specs of the site not content, torcik.) Let me know if something’s been bugging you or if you’ve got a brilliant idea that will double my traffic.


  1. I’ll just have to open MO in IE when I want to read or add comments. Your comment window works fine for me there. I’ve switched to the increasingly popular Firefox browser. When I click on comments in Firefox, a smaller window pops up, the scroll down bar appears briefly, then the window resizes with small borders, so I can only see about half what I’m reading/typing, and the button to go to full screen is not operational. You might want to look into why, but now that I have a workaround which is only a minor inconvenience for me, I’m happy. Keep up the good work. To get more traffic, just post with title including ‘beheading video’ every now and then. I can’t believe how many people are searching for such things. I guess it’s like slowing down to see a wreck on the other side of the interstate.

  2. Firefox test comment. And it’s snowing like a banshee here. Not like banshees snow. But you know what I mean. ACE: You aren’t the first person to mention problems with the comments window using Firefox. I use Firefox for around a third of my browsing, and I haven’t had any problems other than the little ‘comments policy’ text isn’t red. Not sure, because I’ve checked with five machines using Firefox and they all seem to display correctly.