Update: More Stryker Stuff

U.S. plan in Mosul adjusts to violence

This story in the San Jose Mercury News is the EXACT SAME Knight Ridder story that I noted in the Kansas City Star a couple of days ago. (UPDATE: It is actually missing three very short paragraphs near the end about the lessened interaction with a local sheik.)

Same content. Same angle. Different headline.

“U.S. plan in Mosul adjusts to violence” vs. “Army’s most modern high-tech forces discover hard lesson”.

Am I simply over-sensitive? Does it matter?

It really, truly seems to me that the two headlines say something completely different. And I think that people who read the article in the SJ Mercury News will begin doing so in a different frame of mind than those that read the article in the KC Star did.

I happen to agree more with the angle that this headline uses: That our military has altered plans based upon the actions of the enemy. That’s how wars are fought. Winning wars, anyway.

For my reasoning why this headline is more accurate than the KC Star headline, see the post on the KC Star story.