The Lord of the Rings Trailers

I’m sure EVERYBODY but me has seen this already. But, if not, here’s the page with the trailers. Large Quicktime version (zipped) comes in at 26.3MB. Downloading now.

UPDATE:Looks promising.

SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t know the story, and you don’t want me to give anything away, do not highlight the text below. If you know and are interested in some of my thoughts, highlight away.

  • It appears that Elrond gives Narsil to Aragorn. When Aragorn didn’t have it when they left Rivendell, I figured that Arwen would bring it to him, probably taking the place of Halbarad Dunadan and the Sons of Elrond when they brought Aragorn’s standard in “The Passing of the Grey Company.” I figured it was sort of like Guinevere keeping Excalibur all those years for Arthur. Wrong.
  • We see Frodo running with Galadriel’s light, chased by Shelob. When Cirith Ungol wasn’t at the end of film 2, I figured that the showdown with Shelob would instead take place at the Crack of Doom. I still think so. If so, I suspect that the capture of Frodo and subsequent rescue by Sam do not take place.
  • We see Dernhelm’s face and hear her voice before the showdown with the Lord of the Nazgul, which is a bummer because the revelation of “his” true identity at the moment of truth is one of the great moments in the tale. I’m far more impressed with Eowyn than I am with Arwen so far, so I hope they don’t cheese the character out.
  • Speaking of Arwen, I have no problems with the way her character has been “enhanced” so far.
  • A snippet in the preview segment on the Two Towers DVD shows the Lord of the Nazgul landing his flying beast on the wall of what appears to be Minas Tirith. As the last two pages of the chapter “The Siege of Gondor” are what I consider to be the most intense moments in all of Western literature, I’m more than a little apprehensive that they’ve changed it. I have taken all the adjustments, large and small, in stride so far, but I doubt I’ll be very forgiving if they touch that. At all.

Although I watch the trailers and preview specials with anticipation, I do not look for info on the internet or in magazines beyond the typical surface-level interviews in Premier. Some readers doubtlessly know where I’m right and where I’m wrong. I don’t want to know if you do. Thoughts and speculation are welcome, though.


  1. so i just looked at the source and it’s not nearly as tricky as i’d thought. still pretty cool though. ***

  2. Yeah. The simple things are often fairly cool. Just something I picked up somewhere, and I appreciated the fact that they gave readers the option to be spoiled or not spoiled.