UPDATE: January surprise in Iraq?

Al-Zarqawi lieutenant captured, Iraq says

The guy supposedly responsible for about 75% of the bombings in Baghdad was captured last week. As ACE notes

This might be the true story which spurred rumors Zarqawi himself had been captured.

Of course, it could also mean that we’ve had al-Zarqawi and got this guy’s location from him. (I hope we didn’t use the old “panties-on-the-head” trick if that’s the case. If we did, we’ll probably have to let this guy go.)

UPDATE: Via Expat Yank, a Sky report: ZARQAWI AIDES ARRESTED. Not sure if one of these two is the Baghdad bomber or not. But you’ve probably noted that we seem to be nabbing tons of al-Zarqawi’s lieutenants these days. (I saw somewhere earlier today the statement This guy must have more handlers than Oprah!)

This could just be the result of our intensive efforts to derail the expected mass attack on election day. Or are we maybe getting some good tips from the Z-Man himself?

Regardless, election day is going to be horrific.

UPDATE 2: One of the guys in the Sky report apparently is the Bagdhad bomber mentioned earlier.