UPDATE: Lyle Shackelford prayer request

I’ve noticed a lot of search engine traffic coming in to the post on the prayer request by Chaplain Lyle Shackelford in Iraq for the upcoming elections. I updated that post, since that’s where the traffic is going, but I’ll point it out here for regular readers, as well:

First off, as you can see in the comments section a note was left indicating that the person this email was originally sent to is personally known to her.

Second of all, Lyle Shackelford does appear to be a genuine military chaplain.

Third, it’s too bad that we can’t just take this sort of thing at face value. But I believe this one to be the real McCoy.

Also, over a month ago I was forwarded a link by a reader about the slippery slope we may find ourselves on with respect to military chaplains given recent court rulings in non-military lawsuits: Military Chaplains, Watch Your Six — YOU May Be Next!

I meant to comment on it at the time, didn’t, and then forgot about it until this. I suggest checking it out if you’re interested in military chaplains and/or the interaction of government and religion.


  1. My Dear Lord, I humbly pray to you to help me get the job in ICICI by Feb 2005. This is extremely imporatnt to me my Lord and I will be everlastingly grateful for your help. I take this oppurtunity to thank you for all the mercies bestowed uopn me. Thank you , My Father in Heaven. Please keep me under your blessings always.Amen. Yours faithfully, Bidisha

  2. Dear Sir/ Madam, I request you to please pray for me. I am a Architect and planner at Hyderabad, India, I am not able to find a good job since my graduation. There was a gap of 5 years since my studies are over. There arises some trouble and I am forced to leave the job every time. I hardly have good experience and since I am over 30 years, nobody is willing to give me a job. Recently my wife filed a police case to harass me citing wrong accusations to grab money within one year of marriage. I request you to please pray to God for me so that I get a good job, and earn a reasonable salary, and put an end to harassments in career and life. Thanking you Praveen


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  6. I ask a prayer request on behalf of our church member who has a breast problem on the left side with 4 boils in it. Her name is Roselyn Amora. And also for Mr Park who was 47 years old that have a fructure in the spinal cord. He was on the bed for 27 years and he is now a christian. The world is unfair but GOD is always GOOD. Thanks for Praying…

  7. Hi, I have a prayer request for my brother. My brother, Robert, had acquired an acute form of Lukemia. Last year he went through chemo and Bone Marrow Transplant. He ended up back in the hospital a few months ago. The doctors say he is clinically dead, except for his heart. I believe the doctors did not have the right prognosis and have not really found the right remedy. My brother will be released tomorrow morning and back home, where he will die in his bed. Here is my prayer request, I am praying, and hope you will, that God, in Christ’s name, will totally heal and have my brother back to full health tonight. I need agreement in prayer that my brother will wake up from this situation totally free from this illness. I claim total healing through Jesus Christ that everything will be alright. If it is God’s will that he is to pass away, I pray his family and friends will be comforted through it all. I ask you all to really pray that my brother will be a blessing for God and be a miracle to show my brother’s family and my brothers that God is great. Thank you all for your time and prayers. God bless you all.