Blackfive talks to soldiers

Soldiers’ Voices

The executive summary:

    All believe that, at the start of the war, the entire force should have mobilized for “the duration plus six months”.

  • All believe that the Army needs more than 30-40,000 additional soldiers.
  • Donald Rumsfeld should resign

Go read the post for the reasoning. Remember that this isn’t some punditry like Maureen Dowd or that clueless Murdoc idiot. These are people really in it.


  1. So these experts all think the same? Sorry, couldn’t help it. I am not convince that the Rummster need resign. Yes, some things have to change, but I’d say over all he hasn’t done too poorly. Could he have done better, probably. But that’s hindsight. I’d like to see a much larger increase in the size of our military. They took 8 divisions away from the army in the mid-90’s. Give them back. And another MEU or two. I think the Navy and Airforce are probably large enough, but I would say we need to watch closely how many BILLION-DOLLAR airplanes they want, versus how many they really need. The army has been the red-headed stepchild of the military budget since the early 1990’s. ( no offense to red-heads or stepchildren) It’s time to concentrate on the individual soldier, his/her personal gear, and the equipment that will make the infantry/armor/support troops(they’re doing force protection regularly) lives safer. It’s time for a new airborne vehicle, better body armor, a lighter more protective helmet(please God, make it lighter) and better boots for the ARMY(all of us, not just the strykers).

  2. Duration plus six months’???? I agree that the Army should start rebuilding a couple of the Divisions cut in the 90’s and bring back the 9th Marine Regiment but these guys are over the top. Did I miss the session of Congress in which they declared war? It can be argued that they should have, but they did not. So when will the War on Terrorist be over? It could be generations. I am in the National Guard (former Marine – re-enlisted after 911) and do not mind the thought of being deployed. However, I do not really want to be on active duty for the rest of my life! What would those of us not needed in Iraq or Afghanistan be doing? Would I be twiddling my thumbs on some God-forsaken base in Oklahoma or Texas, thousands of miles from my wife and kids indefinitely? No thanks.