Friends of Democracy

Ground Level Election News from the People of Iraq

Spirit of America is helping get the Friends of Democracy project off the ground in Iraq:

Iraq’s elections are an historic event. Our goal is to ensure that Iraqis and Americans get a full, accurate and in-depth picture of the elections. The major television networks and newspapers will likely provide limited coverage of Iraq’s elections that focuses on the expected violence and bad news. This partial story discourages Iraqis and disheartens those that support Iraq’s struggle for free self determination. Friends of Democracy will not be offering a “sugar-coated” picture of Iraq’s elections – just a complete and accurate one that includes more than sensational, “if it bleeds, it leads” news.

They’re rushing to get things up and running, but the goal is to get real feedback from people in each province and major city using digital cameras and the Arabic blogging tool developed by SoA.

Murdoc Online will be running an ad on the right sidebar just below the Top Spot Blogad to help promote awareness of this effort.

You can donate to either Iraq Election News or Friends of Democracy – the Iraq Democracy Project to help support this cause.

And here’s a sobering note from the FoD donation page:

In many cases we will not be able to publicize the specifics of the projects or people we are supporting as part of this effort. We will need to work quietly and we won’t be able to provide our normal level of transparency. Those who are visibly associated with Americans are much bigger targets for the terrorists.

That underscores what’s at stake. Not the measures pro-democracy workers must take, but the measures anti-democracy people will take.

I imagine that the media is going to be focused on the body count this weekend. That will certainly be part of the story, but there’s much more to it than the violence and terror. The determination to carry on in spite of that violence and terror is awe-inspiring, and that story will be the one that’s remembered years from now. If it gets told today.