Horsing around with the John-meister

Horse Laughs

A.E. Brain with some pics of secret signs and such. Definitely worth a look.


  1. Oh, sure, now we’re going to have to change the signal again. I’m glad that’s not me, I don’t know that I’d have the discipline not to tell them how I feel. Of course, I couldn’t claim THAT as a first amendment right. It’s not PC, or very nice. Neither one of those two should be allowed within 500 meters of armed troops, it’s a security risk. Some soldier might shoot him/herself, or suffer a self inflicted wound after listening to their drivel. I wonder if ‘broomstick one’ has to have a landing space, or if it can just hover while she uses her power to levitate to earth?

  2. I’ve spent lots of time listening to drivel from exalted (within my former organization) people I had no respect for (based on past known deeds & words). So I can easily relate to the (seeming)sentiment expressed by the two uniformed personnel (LOL!). Oh well………it sucks to be them (the politions)!