Looks like someone’s got their head firmly planted

Police Investigate Use Of Submachine Gun In Robbery

notanmp9.jpgHell in a Handbasket notes a case where the media misidentifies a weapon. They call it an “MP9 9 mm. submachine gun” though it clearly isn’t. It appears to be either a DC-9 or a TEC KG-9 semi-automatic pistol. Though the fitting for the magazine appears longer in the news photo than it does for a DC9, a KG-9, or an MP-9, so maybe it’s something else entirely. Follow that link and you be the judge.

Come on, gun nuts. Help me out here.

But let’s say it IS a fully automatic submachinegun, just for the sake of argument. Was it legally purchased? Hmmm. I don’t think so. So which law needs to written to stop people from breaking laws? Or maybe it was stolen. So which law needs to be written to stop people from stealing things?

And is the misidentification of not only the weapon but the TYPE of weapon intentional or accidental?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It probably really IS an MP9.


  1. is the misidentification of not only the weapon but the TYPE of weapon intentional or accidental?’ It’s probably the combination of ignorance of weapons and emotional hype devised by a 22 year old Journalism graduate who should have done a stint in the U.S.M.C. before being let loose in the main stream media!

  2. bah, I was about to link that very site 😛 Very good site for all gun nuts. I think he should be made to see what the difference is at hitting a target with an MP9 and a TEC 9, especially at a longer range.

  3. Hey, guys! Give me a little credit…That’s the page I linked to in the post. I liked it because it inclued all three weapons in question. But doesn’t the weapon in the news photo appear to be sitting nearly level? (Though not quite–look at the back of the bench(?) it’s sitting on.) All three weapons in question would not be sitting anywhere close to level with their mags removed. Is this maybe something else entirely? Or a cheap knock-off of one of them? (I know, I know…How much cheaper can you get???) Or am I Just Plain Wrong?