Out of the blue

Meteorite wrecks houses in India

What was apparently a meteorite destroyed two houses and injured 20 (just 5 according to other sources) in eastern India Saturday evening. To my knowledge, no American Patriot missile batteries are in the region, so the possibility of another misfire is probably ruled out. No word on the size of the meteroite or if anything has been recovered.

I first learned of this on Space.com, and their page also has a post about doubters of the asteroid-killed-the-dinosaurs theory. A few years back I read “The Great Dinosaur Extinction Controversy” and was convinced that, at the least, a lot of things remain unanswered despite nearly universal belief that a huge impact, probably in Mexico, wiped out the dinosaurs. We’ll see. Maybe.

UPDATE: Besides Patriot missiles gone awry, another non-meteor possibility here might be a crashing Indian Air Force MiG-21, which is a pretty common thing. Or, if it did come from outer space, maybe it was part of a satellite or space station. Just a thought. Since I’m keeping my mind open about asteroids killing the dinosaurs, it’s only fair that I also keep my mind open about this.