UPDATE: Looks like someone’s got their head firmly planted

Just received this email regarding yesterday’s post:

Murdoc, sorry but the gun pictured for that robbery really is an MP9.

It’s an Encom MP9 pistol which was available for sale in the early 90s until the AWB came into effect. It is very similar to the KG9/Tec9 series though I don’t know about internal similarities. The crude sites with the metal ears are actually intended for a very funky scope mount rail that was sold with the pistols. To my knowledge none were ever made before the 86 machinegun ban so if the gun the police have is full-auto it is an illegally converted gun. These pistols were only made in closed bolt form also, they came long after the open-bolt semiauto crackdown by ATF.

I have attached a picture from the California AWB ID guide and here is a link to one for sale at gunsamerica right now.


And here’s the picture he included:
(Click for better look)

I had asked previously why the weapon in the news photo seemed to be sitting nearly level without its magazine in, since none of the ones in the page I linked to looked they would do so. This one appears to match the news photo.

I’m convinced. It’s almost certainly an MP9.

I had also been wondering about those goofy-lookin’ sights, but as my reader says they’re actually mounting tabs for an add-on scope rail. The weapon for sale that he links to shows the rail in place.

As he notes, if this weapon was truly fully atuo, it was illegally converted to be so.

Thanks big-time for the heads up! MO strives to be a straight shooter.


  1. Mounting a sight on a short range large pistol spray and pray tool of this sort strikes me as comical. The tabs/sights are far enough apart to make me think if they are mounting points for a sight mount or scope rings. Make mine a G36K or M4 please!

  2. PS: You should include an ‘edit’ option for our posts, for when I frequently use bad grammer or spell things incorrectly! LOL!

  3. I’ll take a Thompson (original style). It’s not us legal ‘gun-nuts’ the lefties have to worry about, it’s the people the ACLU and such get out of jail early.