Trying to get up to speed

Against violent backdrop, Iraqis turn out to vote

I’ve been away from television and the internet since yesterday afternoon. I just walked into the house five minutes ago and there’s a email from a reader that ends with:

And how are you not covering the elections?!?!?!?

Elections? What elections?

Elections in Iraq? Are you serious?

Didn’t those people hear that we didn’t find any WMDs? Why are they having elections?


I’ll have to spend a little time gathering info, but things seem to have gone far more smoothly than I expected, as evidenced by the subheadline to the story I linked to:

Attacks on polling stations kill 44, including 9 suicide bombers

Is it me, or does needing to include the suicide bombers in your total to reach 44 signify an apparent lack of success by said bombers to really disrupt things?

It will take days (or weeks) to really see how things went and to see if meaningful results have been attained, but I’m happy to turn on my PC and not see oceans of fire all across Iraq.

In the meantime, don’t forget about Friends of Democracy, the organization that is going to work hard to bring gound-level news and information about the elections that the biggies (and even Murdoc Online!) won’t give you.

UPDATE: Well, some things are going “as expected”: