Don’t mind me

I’m just sitting here, waiting for the first “Despite election, violence goes on in Iraq” news item to hit.


  1. Murdoc: You know that the fascist Bush regime only allowed their picked candidates to run. The whole thing is a farce! Free our Islamo-Fascist brothers to install a Jihadist Theocracy in Iraq! The infidel must be destroyed! Nukes for Iran and all of Islam! [/Sarcasm] Well, somebody had to say it, the AP’s been trying for years, they’re just more subtle.

  2. Chad: Yeah. Besides, South Vietnam had elections, too. We should just pull all of our troops out right now–look how well things went in VN after we stopped stirring up the insurgents.

  3. Well, that’s the state our MSM/DNC want for the whole world anyway(VN). Congratulations Iraq, You just won the ‘liberty lottery’. Good luck, and God bless.