Da-Da-Da-Dummmm ’05

In April of 2003 I posted a pic of a Marine and some graffiti and noted:

I think that’s a “V for Victory,” not a “Peace, bro’.” Just a hunch.

But recent events have convinced me to update the pic a bit:


Can you see what’s changed since April of 2003?

I realize that there’s an awful long way to go in Iraq. But if we stay the course, this day will be looked back at in awe.


  1. In another forum I occasionally post in, one soldier at LSA Anaconda reported that last summer there were roughly 18 attacks per week. Now there are about 2 per week. so…is it Vietnam yet? 😀

  2. If everyone can just keep the positive momentum of the election turn out going for another 5 years…….we’ll have it a quarter whipped! LOL! It was an excellent turnout though!

  3. Flanker: Yep. So what? I think your number (20 years) is probably about right. So, since that’s such a long time and more bad things are bound to happen during it, should we not be pleased when something goes well? Should we dismiss the fact that this crucial step was accomplished since there are so many more crucial steps to come? Opponents of intervention in Iraq waffled between ‘elections will never work in Iraq’ and ‘elections aren’t happening fast enough in Iraq’. This will be a long, hard process, but an important milestone was just reached. I’m not suggesting that we all break out the champagne and pat ourselves on the back. But efforts to pooh-pooh the election just sound like sour grapes. I’m hoping we can celebrate a bit and then get back to business. I refuse to believe that the bad guys are really as down as their lack of success on election day indicates, and the high turnout of voters might make the enemy leaders bring in more foreign recruits. But make no mistake. This was huge.

  4. You’re absolutely right. Speaking as an indepedent voter, I have to say that the one thing the liberal elite does NOT want to talk about are these elections. Truth be known it is truly historic – the first elections in Iraq in 50 years. Sunnis that were totally propped up by Saddam Hosehead and his ugly crew are now bitching about underrepresentation. They miss their mommies.. >:) Now again as an indie I’m here to tell you that the operation is still a botched job. Things are definitely going badly over there. In fact, Bremer’s whole term was botched, losing power and infrastructure and allowing all kinds of looting and stuff like that. We ended up taking heat for all of that. Believe me, they think we’re out there to mess them up not help them. Its probably, 70% against us right now. And Afghanistan isn’t so hot either. Way too much drug money there. No, it would be nice if we got Bin Laden. Don’t wait for the SCLM = SO Called Liberal Media to tell you your wonder story about how successful Bush is. Just pray he’s shed all his ties to the hard right wing and he’s headed back towards his bipartisan Texas days. Then we’ve got real power. Only bipartisan, only rule by the people – not corporations – thats the only way things get done. Watch in Iraq. How many of those coalition representatives are going to be working for Exxon?

  5. O.K. I call B.S. 70% of Iraq is not against us. Yes, there’s been blunders, but the whole term by Bremer was not wasted. The infrastructure is being rebuilt, just not overnight. We have a long road to travel in Iraq, I’m guessing 5 years before things really get rolling. Do not sell those people short.