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Is it me, or is there a definite lack of interest in the Iraqi elections in most circles?

Someday, if Afghanistan ever has elections, I hope the media covers it better…


  1. It’s finally dawned on the pseudo liberals that they’ve been wrong all along about the liberation of Iraq, and, except for one columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times, they don’t know what to say. They’ve seen the miracle of democracy, and their pride won’t let them describe it.

  2. The elections for the President of Afghanistan last October were very uneventful. So much so that, after predicting the gutters of Kabul running with blood, the news media tried hard not to report them. The next round, the Parliamentary elections, are scheduled to be held in April. These will probably be a bit more contentious, but the prospect of violence is low. Hey, the successful elections in Iraq and Afghanistan will never get fair coverage, since the world news media refuses to admit it when Bush is right.