Forgot to mention this

Marine general: It’s ‘fun to shoot people’

I saw this early today and meant to blog about it first. I’ve already discussed it with a few folks at work. But I forgot all about it during lunch, and now don’t really have time to write much. So here’s the MO short take:

1) I really, truly believe that he probably shouldn’t have said this out loud in that company.

2) If there is one member of the United Stated Marine Corps who isn’t at least open to the idea that General Mattis is totally 100% correct, I think they are in the wrong line of work.

The job isn’t ALL about killing.

But killing is what sets Marines apart from police officers, construction workers, mechanics, and clerks. I want Marines who WANT to kill when it’s necessary.

I realize that many will protest my position. Those are the people who don’t understand.

We hear about how people don’t ‘get’ war. How no one understands how violent and horrible war really is.

Then, when someone says something like this, they wring their hands. I just don’t get it. They’ll gleefully show pictures of bloody children and devastated cities on the news, but they’ll wail in protest over a Marine telling it like it is.


  1. Our military would be so much more effective if people realized that everything our armed forces do is directed towards two goals — breaking things and killing people. If you have a job that requires something other than something being broken, or someone being killed, the military probably isn’t the best answer. Things like Tsunami relief are the exception, not the rule. Marines kill people and blow shit up. That is what they do. That’s why God and us love them.

  2. I’d like to clarify my #1. I don’t think it was wrong for him to say it because it was a wrong thing to say. I think it was wrong for him to say it then and there because it would be reported in, well, the way it’s being reported by the people who were present. On the other hand, I don’t really want the military sneaking around and telling themselves ‘between you and me, I like shooting people’ while saying the opposite in public. There’s more to this than political correctness, but we DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES want a kinder, gentler USMC.

  3. Well………the killing them part is Ok, but couldn’t you kill them in a less serious fashion? LOL! Most people don’t get it; that war is DIFFERENT! It’s not like normal Americanized Civilian Life. They’ll never understand that when you push all the recruiting BS aside, put away the missions ‘other than war’, and that ‘aid the public crap’ (not that all of them aren’t important) it’s just like you said…’s all about killing and blowing up enough of the other side’s shit to make them come around to your point of view. Politics by other means. The general probably shouldn’t have said it in that way, in that venue, but I wasn’t there either.

  4. I think he just chose the wrong word. Admittedly, it might BE fun in a certain light, but more importanly, shooting, killing, and otherwise making life miserable for guys that ‘would slap women around just for not wearing a veil’ would be extremely SATISFYING to me. I think thats the word he was should have used…at least in mixed company. Of course, he also sounded like the kinda guy that wouldn’t care what word he used…but then again, if I were a ‘brawler’ like him…I don’t think I would either.

  5. Every civilian career counselor I’ve ever heard talks about finding a career you enjoy. We should be happy for General Mattis for finding a line of work he can enjoy? Aren’t soldiers and Marines allowed to feel satisfaction in their chosen professions? I love it when high profile warriors say things that horrify the typical limp-wristed liberal jerk. In the 1st Gulf War, I felt a detached (still better you than me) sense of pity for the average Iraqi peasant soldiers we encountered. I felt nothing but satisfaction when we found dead, wounded, and / or captured Republican Guard officers. Those bastards got exactly what they deserved. I did not get to shoot any myself, although it would have made me happy. I did help turn some over to a Kuwaiti war crimes investigation. It makes me happy to think that they were probably hanged for their crimes. Wow, I’m as horrible as General Mattis!